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Hello everyone!

I’m going to have a 2-3 month stay in Turkey and I’m frustrated by the fact that I’m carrying cash which is unsafe and I’m counting it all the time and wasting my and others’ times. Someone recommended Papara but it seems like it only works for Turkish residents, holding Turkish IDs, issued by the government. Isn’t there a way that I can verify myself with my passport? Is there another institute that you recommend for this purpose of mine?

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Hi @alirezashahbazi641 :wave:

In order to verify your Papara account, you need to have an ID card valid in Turkey.
If you have an ID card valid in

Account verification with a Foreign Identity Card:

  • Scan the front and back of your identity card with your phone’s camera making sure that the card is right-side up. We will scan the information on the front and back of your identity card.
  • We fill all fields by reading your card in the Identity Information step. Check the information in the fields and edit your card information if required.
  • Choose the most appropriate occupation in the Occupation step.
  • When the frame is green in the Liveness Verification step:

o Look at the camera and wait for it to count down from 3.
o Turn your head left and right when it counts down from 5.

After completing Liveness Verification, you can switch to your verified account.

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not work Liveness Verification

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Hello @Mohamad :wave:

If you are getting an error in the liveness verification, follow the steps I specified.;

  • Make sure your face fits into the circle frame.
  • When the frame turns green, the process starts.
  • Look at the camera and wait for it to count down from 3.
  • Turn your head left and right by fit your face into the green frame when it counts down from 5.
  • If your face goes out of the oval frame, it will start counting down from 5 again, and you should turn your head left and right again.

Remember, you can try to verify your account up to 3 times a day. Do not worry. You can try the next day again.

If you are not able to complete the account verification process after trying all the processes above:

  • Please take a photo holding your ID card. Make sure that your face and ID card are easily recognisable.
  • Log in to the E-Government platform to get your Certificate of Residence or Civil Registery Record.
  • Select “Himself/Herself” when asked “For whom the document is for”
  • Select "To submit to an institution” when asked the purpose of your request
  • Enter “Papara” for the institution’s name
  • Download the document as a PDF file
  • Send the document and your photo to
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Exactly, I have this problem too. When I want to verify my account (with latest version) and put my ID number the application raises error with this content: this information does not match your information on the CivilRegistry. please make sure to edit then with the exact credentials on your ID card.
but when i go to the e-Devlet application to find something you mention i can not find anything related … can you tell us exact title in turkey to search in e-Devlet?

please, help us more

thank you

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Hello @mr.alireza19 :wave:

After logging into the e-government page, you can get a residence permit from the link I left below. Also, before I forget, in order to use papara, you must have a valid identity card in the state of Turkey or a foreign identity card.

E-government passwords are only given from PTT branches in Turkey.

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