I can't verify my account

Hello! 1 month has passed since I ordered a card for account verification. They brought the card, photographed the documents, I signed. The account has not yet been verified. I cannot withdraw money from an ATM and transfer using IBAN. I’ve been waiting for a solution to my question for a very long time, but you still haven’t solved it.

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Hello @mamaevroman7 :wave:

Your request has been responded to via the e-mail address registered to your Papara account. Please check your e-mail address.


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They sent me this in the mail. What and where do I need to send? I don’t understand


Talebinizle ilgili sizden dönüş beklediğimizi hatırlatmak istedik. Sizden istediğimiz bilgileri ilettiğinizde işlemlerinize devam edeceğiz.


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I do not understand anything. I ask you to verify my account. I gave all the data to the courier who delivered the card to me. I received a strange message in the mail. I don’t understand what I need to do to get my account verified

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Merhaba @mamaevroman7 :wave:t2:

Our support teams regarding your request will respond and inform you via the e-mail address registered to your Papara account.