Account verifying

As a foreign resident living in Turkey, I recently opened a Papara account and promptly applied for a Papara Black card. I provided all the necessary information, including a photo of my ID card, to complete the verification process. However, my account still remains unverified, which is preventing me from sending or receiving money through the platform.

I have already reached out to your support team via email, but the responses received so far have not been helpful. I was informed that I require my parents’ approval for verification, despite being over 18 years old.

I kindly request your immediate assistance in resolving this matter. As an independent adult, I should not be required to obtain parental approval for account verification. I understand the importance of complying with regulations and providing necessary documentation, and I assure you that I have done so.

Please review my account and expedite the verification process. I would greatly appreciate your prompt attention to this matter, as I rely on Papara for my financial transactions and this issue is causing significant inconvenience.

Hello @c9o :wave:t2:

We can see that your request has been responded to by our support team via the e-mail address registered to your account. Please check your e-mail address. Thank you for your understanding :pray:

I want to add that I have received the Papara Black card through a delivery service. However, during the delivery, the courier took my ID and captured a photo of it as part of the verification process.

this is what i got in my email
Dear User,

As soon as possible we will reach your contract and the necessary examinations will be made and your transfer to the contracted account will be completed after the examination.

Thanks for your understanding.

Best Regards.

i didnt understand a thing can u please explain more ? i’ve recevid my papara card 2 weeks ago

Hello @c9o :blush:

We have created your request on the subject you have forwarded. We will reply from the e-mail address which is registered to your account when it’s resolved.