Require to solve

I went to a food store to make a purchase. I spent 400 TL, but the machine did not accept the payment. So, I tried again, and this time it went through successfully. However, when I checked my Papara card statement, it showed that the amount was deducted twice, even though the store provided me with the bill for today’s transaction, indicating that it was only processed once.

It happened with my friends with the same issue, but it returned the money back after 2 hours without contacting anyone, while it took a few days for mine.

I kindly request assistance in resolving this issue. Thank you.

Hello @ranazahabi123 :wave:

We have created your request on the subject you have forwarded. We will reply from the e-mail address which is registered to your account when it’s resolved.

It’s been over a month with no update on my issue. I need my money back. The store couldn’t help; they said it’s a Papara bank problem. Please resolve this asap.

Hello @ranazahabi123 ,

We see that your request has been responded to via the e-mail address registered to your Papara account. The process and review regarding your request continues. The transaction is being followed up by our relevant unit. When the transaction is completed, you will be informed via the e-mail address registered to your Papara account.