Metal Card Refund Issue

So guys hear me out, so I accidentally ordered the metal card. (Keep in mind that i was only trying to save my address in the process of ordering since you have to enter your address credentials, but i didnt think that this would initiate the payment for the card. All i wanted to do was just save my address so that maybe in the future i would want the card) And since then, I have been calling Papara for over a week now, I have contacted destek customer support many times and also emailed them many times over this issue. Still I haven’t recieved a refund and now it seems the card has already been delivered. What do I do in this situation, do I have a choice? Because I had already contacted them multiple times before even the same day that I had ordered it accidentally, they’ve lied multiple times now and have pretty much scammed me. I have emails about this issue as well so I wanted help regarding this issue.

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Hello @hassan.karimi486 :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

Papara Metal Cards are produced individually. If your card was delivered to the courier for delivery or you received your card, I personally do not think that any refund will be made for this situation. You can get a clear answer about this issue from our call center at 0850 340 0 340 or by contacting our e-mail address

If your card has not yet been printed, you may have a chance to cancel it. In this case, you should contact us at the earliest through the same communication channels.

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Hello @SmileFate

Unfortunately i had no choice, i had to take the card as it was already delivered. But this is besides the point. I contacted them the day i ordered the card and they told me that they would refund me the money on the exact day. However they didn’t and they kept on repeating the same thing for over a week that my issue was being looked at by their team till the card was delivered. The problem is that they lied to me, all they had to say was that i couldn’t get a refund but they continuously lied every time i called the destek support.