3 different Card deposit not working even tho it is fully funded and working

Hello! i have had many credit card deposit errors throughout using papara and it takes a long time to solve it for some reason, but this time i used 3 different credit card from different countries, one from lloyds bank in england and it has much more than enough to deposit but i get errors from all 3, i email papara and they insist the issue is from all 3 different cards somehow even tho this has happened many times, the card deposit doesnt take me to the verification page and then says fails to verify which is an issue with papara, please help its been weeks now

Hello @Alpineziad :wave:t2:

We have created your request regarding the subject you have forwarded. Our support teams will deal with your transaction as soon as possible and will respond to your e-mail address registered to your Papara account when it is finalized. Please check your e-mail address from time to time.