How can active my card

Hello, how do I activate the Papara black account, although I tried more than once to see that the card is invalid or correct, even though the card is new and also the first time I use it. Please help me with that. I need to activate the card.

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Hello @ali.farisalkhafagi :wave:

After entering the Papara application, click on the Papara Card section at the bottom right. Then click on the New Card button on the page that opens. Then, click on the Request / Add a Papara Card button on the screen. After clicking the Add a Papara Card button in the next section, write the information on the card on this page. Your card is now active.

If you have a question mark in your mind, you can consult customer service.

:phone: 0850 340 0 340
:thought_balloon: Whatsapp Destek

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