Can I deposit money from AirTM to my Papara account?

I’m a freelancer and I’m getting paid through AirTM, I saw on that platform that I can deposit my balance from AirTm to PaPara.

Can you please let me know if it is possible and how to do it? and can I receive the amount in USD if I have USD papara account?

Hello @ibrahim96mahfouz96 welcome to Papara Topluluk.

You cannot receive payments in USD with your Papara account. Additionally, Papara IBANs are not currently integrated with the international money transfer system SWIFT. For this reason, you may experience problems with payments made from other international countries and sources being reflected in your account.

You can contact Papara using the information below;
:phone:Number: +90 850 340 0 340

Have a nice day!

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