Papara GooglePlay E-pin: Blocked Codes by google [Unauthorized sales]

Hello papara team, last week i purchased google play cards from my Papara account, i received the codes, But the codes not working the error messages says “Unauthorized Sales need more information” after i contact google and submitted the codes with proof of purchasing of Papara and Epin SMS message that came to my phone. they reject to solve my problem by saying those cards are “Unauthorized sales” i think its mean not allowed or reported cards as stolen gifts. the support said that i should contact the seller. i sent message to (Epin Team, And Papara Team about the case) But didn’t get any updates yet.

Note: I purchased 100 TL from Papara but i received two cards of 50TL in SMS from Epin i attached everything to email.

Thanks in advance and so sorry that i can’t write good in Turkish. hope there’s someone can help me here.